We had some reason to celebrate when we learned that Deloitte has acknowledged us as a #13 Tech company in Rising Star Category in it’s 2019 Ranking! We took this as an opportunity to look back on what we have achieved over these past 4 years and what is yet to come.

From a failing project to a software company

We’ve started out as a startup, with our own project and a good idea. We’ve managed to compile a good team of specialists and entrepreneurs, and despite our best efforts, our project fell flat. We couldn’t get the base of users that would make the project sustainable. But it wasn’t all bad – we’ve built a functional digital project with a fraction of the cost software companies proposed in the initial quotations. We believed we were on the right track. Rather than giving up, and dismantling the team we’ve build we chose to take the next step and started to make projects from other clients. That’s how Applover was born. 


Quality over Quantity

After a few months it became clear to us that there is a niche in the market for quality development services at affordable prices for mid-range companies. With this in mind we’ve expanded our team further, moving to a bigger office and started to reach out to clients abroad. Fast forward to May 2018, when we opened our Field Office in New York City to be closer to our US clients and acquire new overseas leads.


Applover In Numbers

567% of growth, from 5 to almost 50 employees, from 20 to 400 square meters, over 120 completed commercial projects, 80 clients from 15 countries on 3 continents.


What’s next?

We have ambitious goals to achieve in the coming years – at least 100% of growth every year. Listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange a full portfolio of our own products and open source projects, and an investment portfolio in new technologies.


Take a look at the full report at the Deloitte page here.