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Mobile application
for the law firm

Not many things are as restricted as law services. To make their clients’ lives easier the KBSR law firm, the 2nd biggest law & notary firm in Poland, decided to develop a mobile application. It’s goal is to improve the process of arranging notarial deeds, scheduling appointments and reminders for users. The app is integrated with the calendars of all the employees of the law firm. It allows the user to get to know the KBSR’s offer, what different notary processes look like, what documents are needed for particular situations, read the needed regulations and information. The app helps you get in touch with over 65 employees, lawyers, and notaries, and what’s most important – schedule a meeting with every person in the firm. This is a huge improvement for the firm as it saves time and money! The new app also allows the company to be a bit closer to it’s clients and be more accessible to them. And it’s not something we meet often in the law industry. 😉


The challenge

The biggest challenge was to identify all of the needs of KBSR and meet them without face-to-face workshops. We cooperated 100% remotely as the client’s main priority was their clients as it often is (and should be) in business. We’ve managed to accomplish everything that was expected from us only by online consultations, calls, emails, Slack messages and Jira tasks. We practised our flexibility and it was worth it! Moreover, we needed to pay attention to every detail from the UX and UI points of view as most of the application’s users are not tech-savvy and it had to be easy to use for over 65 employees of the law firm and its numerous clients. 


Technological solution

Together with the KBSR team, we conducted a thoughtful assessment of their needs so our product could meet them all. After writing out a specification of all the necessary functionalities and external integrations like Google Calendar, we started the product design process. After the approval of all the mockups of individual screens, presented by our UX and UI designer, we started the application development. The product is a mobile app so we developed it both for iOS and Android devices using Java and Swift. After thorough testing by our QA tester, we presented the application to the client. 


The outcome 

The client’s approved the product quickly as they were really happy with the result. Our team is highly satisfied with the outcome of the cooperation with the client, especially as all of it was held remotely. We could make the work of over 65 employees easier and smooth the process for their clients. Law firms in Poland rarely follow the newest technologies, that is why we are even happier that we could change that for KBSR! Moreover, they noticed over 20% increase in scheduled appointments with the clients which resulted in more deals!

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