Labplus pozwala użytkownikom kupować i planować badania medyczne, bez konieczności czekania w kolejkach.

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In Polish reality, a wonderful medical world looks more or less like this: overcrowded dark laboratory corridors, moans coming from the other side of the wall, general confusion. Is it a healthy way to be? Well, a much pleasant and much simpler way exists to perform laboratory tests, and the founders of the polish company LabPlus came up with an idea of how to bring it effectively to life.


The challenge


We had an opportunity to cooperate with LabPlus before. This time they called us with a much bigger project. They wanted to create an interface, through which a patient could buy the desired tests in a selected laboratory. That is not all! The patient would have to show up in the laboratory only once – for sampling. The results of the examination would be sent on his smartphone and analyzed according to an algorithm developed by IT specialists and numerous cooperating doctors. To achieve their goal, LabPlus employed us to develop native applications for iOS and Android.
The applications were based on a back-end system provided by the client but they required a complete UX/UI design process, as well as the development of a structure for credit card payments.


Technological Solutions


Together with the LabPlus team, we went through a series of workshops to determine the customer’s expectations and specify the functions that should appear in the application. Behind the tremendous number of options available for the final user, stays a highly complex architecture of the system. As soon as LabPlus approved the colors and mockups of individual screens presented by our UX/UI specialists, we started to work on application development. Since the back-end system belonged to our client, it was necessary to coordinate our and their team during the product development process. Therefore, we were in constant contact with LabPlus employees.
To create the application for iOS we chose Swift, while the application for Android was written with Kotlin.


The outcome


We are highly satisfied with the results of our cooperation. The end-user of the application has many of the available functions, easily accessible on just a few tabs. Designing the interface we used only two colors: blue and white, bringing to mind a medical uniform. Thanks to this, it does not distract but informs about the purpose of the application. The user is guided through registration, a series of questions allowing to personalize the scope of the recommended tests and finally through their purchase as well as analysis.
Although the LabPlus team responsible for the backend was located in another part of Poland, together we managed to get through the whole process and complete the development before the deadline.

Mobile applications have been successfully published in shops and the number of its users is gradually growing. No doubts. LabPlus offers over 1000 types of specialist tests, which can be performed in numerous laboratories located throughout Poland. It is possible to search it by name, type or location. It is also possible to compare the costs of tests in different establishments. The results of the examination are safely stored in the LabPlus database; the application requires the introduction of a security code every time it gets open.
The product have been appreciated not only by application users but also by the National Centre for Research and Development. This is how LabPlus received funding for its further development. And this is a healthy way to be!

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